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1000L Thermo–Star Composter

1000L Thermo–Star Composter

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1000L Thermo–Star Composter

Product Code: GRA-600022

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Save money by recycling your waste with the help of the 1000L Thermo-Star Composter, made from the high quality Thermolen material which is both UV and water resistant. It is used to create the ideal climate for accelerated composting and is designed so that you are able to remove compost from every side of the composter.

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The 1000L Thermo-Star Composter can potentially save you hundreds of pounds by helping to recycle your waste. You can save on waste charges and in the meantime create great fertiliser for your garden to produce beautiful plants. Made from Thermolen, you can sure of the quality of the material. It is UV and weather-resistant, making it durable and long lasting.

The thermos walls and the ventilation slots mean that it can create an ideal climate for accelerated composting. It is possible to remove the compost from every side of the composter making it easy for you to collect the nutrient rich compost from the thermos-star.

Length – 1300mm

Width – 1300mm

Height – 1020mm

Weight – 20kg


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